Legal Notes

In compliance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, regarding Information Society Services, the company’s identification data is displayed below.

Company Name: NUBELUNA, SL

Fiscal ID number: B27752302

Registered Address: Lugar levantada s/n Entreplanta Izquierda – 36416 MOS (Pontevedra – España)


Intellectual property

The source code, graphic designs, images, photographs, sounds, animations, software and texts, as well as the information and content published on this website are protected under the Spanish legislation concerning intellectual and industrial property rights in the name of NUBELUNA, SL. It is expressly forbidden to fully or partially reproduce and/or publish or to process, distribute, modify, transform or decompile this website, or any other legally recognized rights held by its owner, without prior and written consent from the same, NUBELUNA, SL. The user may solely and exclusively use the material appearing on this website for personal and private use; use of this material for commercial purposes or to engage in illegal activity is strictly forbidden. All rights deriving from the intellectual property are expressly reserved by NUBELUNA, SL.

NUBELUNA, SL, shall monitor for compliance with the aforementioned terms and correct use of the content presented on its website, exercising all available civil and legal measures in the event of breach or non-compliance with these rights on behalf of the user.

Protection of personal data

In compliance with the current legislation, set forth in the Organic Law 15/1999 regarding the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), the objective of which is to guarantee and protect, with regards to the processing of personal data, the fundamental freedom and rights of individuals and especially of their rights to honour and personal privacy, NUBELUNA, SL informs users that personal data is neither requested nor recorded on this website.

Others Considerations

  1. NUBELUNA, SL does not use cookies that are stored on your computer. Cookies are small files that our computer sends to yours, but they do not provide us with information about your name, nor about your personal data of any kind.  When the user browses the NUBELUNA, SL website, the server where it is hosted automatically logs your computer’s IP address, the day and time that the visit began and finished, as well as information about the various sections visited. The server needs to know this information in order to communicate with the user and send the requested data which is then displayed by your browser.
  2. NUBELUNA, SL can modify, with no prior notification, the information on its website, as well as the configuration and presentation of the same.
  3. NUBELUNA, SL agrees to NOT PUBLISH MISLEADING ADVERTISING by these means. For these purposes, formal or numeric errors in the content of any section of the NUBELUNA, SL website, due to incomplete or incorrect maintenance and/or updating of the information contained in these sections, will not be considered as misleading advertising. In light of the provisions of this section, NUBELUNA, SL undertakes to correct such errors as soon as it becomes aware of the same.
  4. NUBELUNA, SL agrees to NOT SEND COMMERCIAL MESSAGES WITHOUT IDENTIFYING THEM AS SUCH, in accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 regarding Information Society Services and electronic trading. For these purposes, any information sent to NUBELUNA, SL CUSTOMERS will not be considered as commercial messages providing that its purpose is to maintain the existing contractual relationship between customer and NUBELUNA, SL, or to carry out informative or training tasks and other activities forming part of the service contracted by the customer with our company.
  5.  NUBELUNA, SL shall not be held liable for any damages incurred or that could be incurred, regardless of the nature of the same, deriving from use of the information and material published on this website and the programmes incorporated into the same. The links and hypertext on this website, which provide users with access to third party offers and services, are neither owned not under the control of NUBELUNA, SL; this company is neither responsible for the information contained on the same nor for any consequences deriving from said information.
  6. NUBELUNA, SL shall not be held liable for any illegal use by third party of brand names, product names or commercial brands that, whilst not being owned by said company, may appear on this website.  Neither shall it be responsible for the integrity, veracity and legality of the content of the links to other websites which can be accessed through this website.
  7. As such, the User takes sole responsibility for their use of the services, content, links and hypertext found on this website.
  8. NUBELUNA, SL takes no responsibility for non-compliance with any applicable legislation on behalf of the users when browsing this website and/or when using the information published on the same.