For this new spring-summer season we have expanded the Bianca Collection with new products, now you have it for the baby’s bedroom. This collection is very well received by our customers for their clean, bright and easily online. The combination of pique and plumeti latest, which never gets old.

In the bedroom line we have designed several sizes of cushions, large, square mini, to decorate and to use, the filling is soft, so that the baby is comfortable but at the same time will hold. The mini is also used by some moms in the bassinet or crib, holding the baby aside, this blanket is the perfect baby gift for charming to everyone.

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Choose from bedroom products and accessories, baby quilt for cuckoo, stroller and zero group support Bebecard, Jané, Bugaboo, Creatix, Arrue, inglesina, Concord, Rider, Stoke, Mac Laren and many more!