New hood for Bebecar

We are introducing our new hoods for cot. They are adaptable to HIP-hop and the IP-OP BEBECAR brand models. These new products are available to our ride’s collections. You can buy them together with the quilt and / or the bag, which also we made to BEBECAR and other baskets. In the photo we show the beautiful result of our joint made of Tul Collection.

Remember that our tops match with the bedspreads and bags. They adapt to different brands of cot and chair, and you can buy them at any of our collections ride. See our list of tops, to find out if we have the one you want.

• Bugaboo Camaleon
• Bugabo Bee
• Bugabo Buffalo, Donkey and Camaleon with extension.

• Concord,
• Neo Chair
• Concord Duro Hood
• Concord Blando Hood.

• Uppa Baby
• Chair 2014
• Hood 2014

• Bebecar
• Chair and Hood Hip- Hop
• IP OP Chair
• IP OP Hood

• Stokke
• Grupo 0 BeSafe IZI GO